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About Us

We Aim to Design a Better World

Louis J. Aguirre & Associates, P.A.

Since 1970, our President, Louis J. Aguirre, has run a successful and reputable MEP Consulting Engineering firm rooted in three fundamental pillars: Relationships, Experience, and Accountability. Throughout the years, the firm has strengthened into what it is today: A complexity of women, men, minds, and machines with a competitive edge to go forth and get the job done -  despite the complex obstacles that may arise. 

Louis J. Aguirre & Associates, P.A. specializes in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Services that contribute to sustainability and durability in our society. We have a been committed member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2004 and we are staffed with several LEED® Accredited professionals. As a firm, we seek to not only make designs that aid in everyday life, but that help the state of our present and future enviorment.

The future of Engineering is only going to get more innovative and complex. And as a firm, we are excited to advance by the values of our mission!


Fostering true internal and external relationships plays a key role in our daily company operations. Not only do we ensure transparent client communication, but we strive for strong employee-to-business connections.


Our firm has over 50 years of experience in the Engineering Industry. However, with each project we complete, we are continuously reinventing ourselves to remain up-to-date with the latest technologies.


Sustaining a sense of accountability allows for our employees and clients to count on us. Whether that means meeting deadlines, fulfilling duties, or feeling comfortable enough to approach another client or coworker, we always want to establish trust in our firm.

The Team


Louis J. Aguirre

President | P.E., LEED® AP

Cropped - Michelle 1.PNG

Michelle Martinez

Business Manager


Eduardo Suarez

P.E., LEED® AP | Senior Associate


Ernesto Santana

P.E., LEED® AP | Mechanical 


Jose Docampo

B.S.M.E. | Mechanical

Cropped - Marcel.PNG

Marcel Diaz

B.S.M.E. | Mechanical

Cropped - Valentin.PNG

Valentin Alvarez

Senior Plumbing Designer


Anthony Gonzalez

Project Manager | Electrical


Pedro Azcarate

B.S.E.E. | Electrical

Cropped - Lili 1.PNG

Liliu Lugo

P.E. | Electrical 

Cropped - Marile 1.PNG

Marile Borino

E.I., LEED® AP | Electrical


Roger Subir

Project Manager | Construction | BIM

Cropped - Jesus 1.PNG

Jesus Boo

BIM | CADD Manager

Cropped - Brenda.PNG

Brenda Jimenez

CADD Designer


Jessica Estopiñan

Marketing & HR Director

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